Personal Shopping

You've had had a personal style analysis done, it's time to bring it all together and complete "the look".

Clothes shopping can be very overwhelming, it’s no wonder you’ve got a house full of clothes you don’t wear.  Dressing room mirrors reflect our worst nightmares. Sales assistants are always young, pretty, skinny and let’s face it, don’t feel completely trustworthy. For the most part, shopping for ourselves can be an exercise in grab and run.

Has the thought ever occurred to you that clothes shopping should actually be fun? Think about it. Clothes are an external reflection of how we see ourselves. Our own personal brand. What are your clothes saying about you?

Ever thought how wonderful it would be if you could go shopping with your own personal stylist? Someone who will actually tell you if your bum really does look big in those jeans. Someone who can take you by the hand and guide you through the style of clothing and products that best reflects who you are and accentuate your natural beauty.

Imagine getting home and the excitement of cutting the tags off clothes that you can’t wait to wear. The colour, style, fabric and fit are all perfect. You fold them carefully into your drawers or lovingly hang them in your wardrobe. You feel proud of yourself for investing in clothes that you love, look great in and you know you are going to wear.

Every time you open your drawers or go into your wardrobe you know there is going to be an outfit that you love to wear and is perfect for any occasion. You’ve received expert advice on how to shop smart. You know what clothes bring out your best and now you can’t wait to show them off.

You'll never have "nothing" to wear again.

Contact me to book in for an unforgettable day of shopping.


Personal Shopping: $200.00 for 1st 2 hrs or part of, $100.00 p/hr or part of thereafter.

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Personal Shopping

I also offer tailored combination packages as required, e.g. for bridal parties etc.

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