Personal Style Analysis

Dress to Impress.

We all come in glorious shapes and sizes. I don't believe in trying to make a square peg fit into a round hole. I believe in making the peg fit like a glove.

One size most definitely does not fit all.

Oscar Wilde once famously said "be yourself, everyone else is taken".

A Personal Style Analysis will have you dressing like YOU, discover your unique style personality.

You'll learn how to dress to lengthen those short legs. Flatter your womanly curves or create the appearance of curves. Draw the eye to your best features and away from the bits you'd like to forget.

Discover your unique face shape and what styles will make you shine.

No more hiding behind baggy jumpers and shapeless shirts.

I'll guide you from neckline to hemline and all stops in-between.

It's simply about making the most of what you've got.

It's time to flaunt it.

Consultation: $ 435 pp

I also offer tailored combination packages as required, e.g. for bridal parties etc.

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Images: Anell van Wyk