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What made me want to follow this type of career is a question I have been asked often. I'm not sure, and until the age of about 17 I was not really bothered by clothing and fashion, in fact I was a total tomboy, oblivious to the image I presented to the world. It was in my first year at uni that I started to take notice of what people were wearing, and I started to sew and design my own clothes. In In my early thirties I was introduced to the concept of Image Consulting through a book I had received as a gift, it was then I realised what I would really like to do, even then it was many years later that that dream would be realised. I found a job that did not feel like a job, something I was passionate about. My greatest satisfaction is seeing the joy and excitement in my clients, and seeing their self-esteem and confidence soar to new heights. I love my work!

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Images: Anell van Wyk