Top 10 Lipstick Colours for Spring

It is not your so much your eye make-up that makes your eyes "pop", but is in fact your lipstick, and I have proved this to my clients time and time again. Lipstick is hot hot hot, this Spring and there is a colour for everyone, so those who don't wear lipstick, go ahead, try it! The top ten according to Harpers Bazaar


1. Deep Fuchsia

2. Peachy Melon

3. Bubblegum Pink

4. Soft Bronze

5. Hot Coral

6. Plum Berry

7. Bright Rose

8. Popsicle red

9. Blushed Nude

10. Dusty Pink

For those of you who had your colours done, I have organised them loosely into seasonal colours, taking into account the Primary seasons only, not the flow seasons.


Deep Fuchsia

Plum Berry

Popsicle Red


Bubblegum Pink

Bright Rose

Blushed Nude

Dusty Pink


Peachy Melon

Hot Coral

Blushed Nude


Soft Bronze

Hot Coral

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