Megan Trainor hits the nail on the head!

Your Image is important, not only to create a good impression on others, (even though we know first impressions are vital and lasting,and are established within the first 8 seconds of seeing a person) more importantly it is all about YOU. How do you feel about what you see in the mirror, or do you avoid the mirror at all costs? If you take the time or opportunity to create the image you want, you'll feel better about yourself, in yourself. You'll find you start to walk up straighter, you will feel more confident, this is because through accepting your image in the mirror, and maybe even liking it, your self-esteem has grown.

Currently you might be unhappy about one of many things, bust too big, too small, hips too wide, etc., today in Australia it seems to be mostly about being overweight. "I'll lose some weight first, then I'll look better and take more care in my appearance, buy that outfit I've always wanted," etc...etc. Don't wait for some other point in time, be happy with you now. Learn about your best colours, what style suits you, how to draw attention away from problem areas, how to dress taller or skinnier. You can and will look great, guaranteed. Don't believe me? Well contact me and I'll show you how you can transform yourself and save loads of money from then onwards.

Meghan Trainor says it perfectly in her song!

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Images: Anell van Wyk