Red shoes, more versatile then you think.

Are red shoes appropriate?

I love red, anything in red, even my car is red. I suppose if I had to choose a signature colour it would be red, and that includes red heels. I just adore them, but just how do you wear them? Back in the day I knew an old gentleman who believed that red shoes were trashy…..NOT TRUE. It all depends how they are worn. Red shoes add distinction to any outfit, but you can also fail dismally if you don’t know how to combine them with your favourite outfits. Here are a few guidelines:

Red shoes for work – Yes for work. Red shoes are perfectly appropriate with office gear, stunning with a simple dark pencil skirt and white shirt. Red is a loud colour by itself, but wearing it with your work neutrals can brighten up your ensemble without being too out there. Match it with blacks, greys, navy, nudes, and olive green (not bright green, this is too Christmassy). Red shoes make your outfit pop, much like lipstick does for your eyes. It is advisable to wear red shoes with a nude or lighter more sedate shade as this will step up the look a notch, and the outfit will not look too simplistic.

White with red is a killer combination, and all black with red shoes is rather elegant. Black on black looks great with red shoes, and this is applicable to dresses, skirts, trousers and even leggings.

Wear red shoes with a print that has some red in it just emphasises the red. Red ballerina flats add a fun feeling to your look, very handy for shorter skirts (the shorter the skirt the lower the heel is a good rule to stick to)

Everyone will notice if you wear red shoes with prints such as polka dots or stripes, white on navy or black or reversed. This is ideal for the summer season.

Jeans and red heels or flats are a great combination, this is especially true for darker jeans, and adds a touch of sophistication to a normally casual look. Anything goes, sandals and boots are just as good as closed shoes. Wear them with your own personal style T shirt and jeans, whether they be boyfriend jeans or skinnys.

DON’T wear too many red accessories with red shoes, a simple bag and red lipstick will do. Any more red accessories such as bracelets, scarves, etc. is overkill.

DON’T wear a solid red dress with red shoes, this is too much. Deepen the red of the dress if you must.

DON’T add too many red accessories to a red dress.

DON’T wear red heels with an overtly sexy outfit. Lower the hem and raise the neckline. A sultry pair of red stilettos are the ultimate in sexy, don’t take it to trashy, opt instead for a subtly sexy outfit. Ripped jeans, short shorts brief tops are a definite no-no.

To summarise, red shoes are a good buy, they go with just about anything, just follow the guidelines.

Be bold, go out and experiment, and enjoy!


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