Honey, does my bum look big in this?

This is a question that every male faces at least once in a lifetime, a question that makes grown men shudder and even cringe in fear. What should your answer be?

If she has a big bum you could just lie “Don’t be silly sweetheart, you look great” or, you could be honest and say “Well, yes it does.” Or you could risk your life and say “Compared to what?”

Personally I would go with option 1, however if you leave it there, the question is sure to raise its ugly head again in the not too distant future. What you could say is "Don't be silly sweetheart, you look great, but if you go on doubting yourself like this, maybe you should go to a personal stylist so that they can tell you what to wear each time so that you know your bottom doesn't look big."

That is where I come in. A Personal Style and Body Dynamics consultation will give your partner all the tools to work with so that she can know she looks great, because she only wears the styles that suit her. She will learn how to enhance her natural beauty and assets, so that the insecurities fade into insignificance, her self-esteem will blossom, and you should never have to suffer the torture of hearing that question again.

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