Spring / Summer Fashion 2016

Spring is here...

...well not really, but the winter sales are on, so now is the time to plan that sassy new spring/ summer wardrobe.

Sale did you say? "Well yes I save so much money at sales" you say. Actually, most people spend money at sales buying things they don't really need but they buy anyway because it is so cheap.

Avoid that sale mentality. Only buy it if it is something you have really been wanting (needing) and you have been waiting for it to come on sale. Remember, love it madly, need it badly…or don’t buy it!

Here are a few tips on how to create a fabulous wardrobe:

  • Before you start filling your wardrobe with new season fashion, do a good closet clean to create some space. Get rid of that old ball gown you've kept (from 10 20, 30.....years ago and you'll never get into again anyway) just because it was such a wonderful night! At least get it out of your wardrobe and into storage, you need that space.

  • Work out what you need this season to complement what you have before you shop.

  • Create a budget.

  • Know your best colours (Click here)

  • Know what styles suit you (Click here)

  • Decide what image you want to project to the world

  • The best time to shop for Spring/Summer is September/ October

To discover, more attend my workshop

So what is in this Spring and Summer?

You'll find lots of lovely buys for the Summer flow spring person, and a few stunning colours for the Autumn person too. Winter people will have to be satisfied with their flow season colours this season. (click here to learn more)

Powder pink

Rose Beige​​





Sky blue


Medium grey



Coral (oooh I love coral, but it hates me)

......blondes are certainly going to have more fun shopping this season

Blazers are in

Pleated midi skirts

High waisted flares (don't trash the high waists people, these are normally the best fit for smaller waists accompanied by more generous hips)

Slip dresses



Bomber jackets


If you need help, CALL ME, text me, email me, pm me

Happy shopping!


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