Closet Clean.......the struggle continues!

I must have one of the smallest wardrobes around - and it is supposedly a walk-in robe – with the original space that was meant to be huge, sacrificed to have a larger bathroom instead.

Not only is it a tiny wardrobe, but I am gracious enough to let my husband use his half (believe it or not). There would be more space for me to use, but my significant other half is notorious for NOT letting me do a much needed closet clean on his behalf……he actually hijacks the “Definitely Out pile” (see The Art Of Wardrobing) before it can make the trip to the Salvos, and instructs me that ALL of it should go right back to where I removed it from.

As a Personal Stylist, I am very aware of the value of a seasonal closet clean, which I cover at length in The “How and What” of a Fabulous Wardrobe (AKA The Art of Wardrobing), and as spring is almost here – not that you can tell really - I have had to seriously sit down and deal with the dilemma of practicing what I preach, again.

“Oh??” You say, “but where are the 10 items you use for the 66 outfits you talk about?” Well, remember we expand our wardrobe by buying fashion items to update our existing wardrobe to stay current, that does expand your wardrobe, even if you do start with 2 Neutrals, one Basic and a Colour (learn more in a Personal Colour Analysis about your neutrals and basics).

To get back on track, I have to deal with my dismally small wardrobe space, so here is what I plan to do:

The basic wardrobes I have come across here in WA consist of a shelf across the top of the wardrobe, and a rod below that for your hangers, now we need to make that space a bit more user friendly…..without spending a fortune! This is what I’m planning, and it is halfway to completion.

If you divide the top shelf into compartments, everything you stack there will stay in their own neat piles.

If you create shelf space on one side, and add 2 sliding drawers into each of the shelf spaces (wire drawers are pretty cheap, I have salvaged some old ones from the shed, and given them a coat of paint. All you have to do is find someone who can make it work in your shelf space), your clothing will be even better organised (4 drawers for me and 2 for my other half would be fair I think).

I store my best shoes in boxes with photos or labels on below the bottom shelf, and the rest on a shoe rack mounted on the opposite wall of the walk in.

A good option if yours isn't a walk in robe, is to store your shoes in an over-door shoe rack, or shoe pockets - just don't use plastic pockets, your shoes need to breathe!

My handbags are hung from hooks on the same wall, easier to see and access.

Hooray, space issue solved (well, nearly anyway). Roll on spring!

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