Tips to look Taller and Thinner

Why is it that we are never satisfied with our size or height?

Marilyn Monroe was considered to be the sexiest woman alive………but did she look like the anorexic clothes models we see in the fashion magazines of today?

Marilyn was 1.66m tall, and though her weight fluctuated, her average size was a 12! Personally I think she was gorgeous!

Well, since we can’t all be stick thin 1.8m (6ft) models, I’ve decided to share a few tips on how to look taller and thinner.

  • Wear the same colour from shoulder to toe, for example Jacket, pants, sock and shoe, or from waist to toe, e.g. Skirt/pants, hose, shoe

  • Wear brighter colours on top, darker colours at the bottom

  • Avoid patch pockets at hip level

  • Don’t wear your clothes too tight, elegantly loose (but not sloppy) is more slimming

  • Draw attention to the top by using colour, prints, jewellery, scarf, etc.

  • Avoid padded, bulky clothing

  • Avoid fluffy jumpers – adds bulk

  • Avoid tight tops with baggy pants, this simply emphasises your hips and draws attention to the bottom

  • Avoid pants with patch pockets

  • Don’t wear loud shoes or socks, this draws the eyes down

  • Don’t wear light shoes with dark pants, this draws the eye down

Simply wearing the right style for your body shape and size goes a long way to helping you appear taller and/or thinner. To find out how click here.

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