"I have nothing to wear!"

A few years ago I had this exact same lament, but I’m happy to say I resolved this issue, and now I don’t have to plan hours ahead for an outfit to wear for any occasion…..the only problem I continue to have is that I HATE ironing, so often you’ll find me doing a quick dash to the laundry to iron whatever I want to wear. Oh well, at least I never utter those words any more, that are soooo dreaded by many husbands and partners.

There is an easy solution to this problem though, and it is not an expensive one either I am happy to tell you. Here are a few tips to start with:

  • Be honest about the state of your wardrobe, and ask yourself these questions

  • Is my wardrobe over-full?

  • Do I wear all the items in my wardrobe?

  • Are some of the items there purely for sentimental reasons?

  • Does everything in my wardrobe fit me, or do I have “fat” or “thin” clothes in there (live for the body you’re in NOW, not the one you want to have, what a waste of your precious time)?

  • Of everything that still fits me, is everything wearable now (e.g. needing repair or sadly out of date)

  • Now you can start by thinning out these items that really don’t have any reason to be in your wardrobe.

Well, hopefully you now have a starting point, and you won’t be stuck with an over-full wardrobe, so full you can’t really see what you have in there.

If you are really serious about deleting those dreaded words from your vocabulary, and you really want a functional, workable, wearable wardrobe for all occasions, AND you want to save money, stay tuned to find out how.

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