Make-up – how much do you really need?

Is your make-up drawer full to bursting with make-up you have bought and never use?

Into which of the following three categories do you fall?

  • Someone who loves make up and knows how to apply it

  • Someone who loves make up but should really learn how to apply it

  • someone who says they don’t have time to do make-up, so they just go without

I’ll start with the last category, those who go without. Well yes, it is your choice, it is a free world, but……does it really take that long to apply? My routine takes 10 minutes in the morning (my husband would strongly argue that, but he doesn’t realise I field a few phone calls, put the washing on and so on in between). If I sit down it honestly takes me 10 minutes, start to finish, simply because I was taught how.

Is it important to wear make-up? Well, that depends on the individual, but mostly make-up does give that extra bit of confidence that we have when we know we look our best, it isn’t called “war paint” for nothing (Have a look at this interesting article on war paint).

If nothing else, I feel more comfortable wearing lipstick, simply to add colour to my face, and to make my eyes pop.

The second category don’t mind spending time on their make-up. The problem is, they need some guidance. I heard a story once about a woman boarding a bus, and there were no seats available, so she had to stand, and hang on to stay upright. She was very heavily made up, and quite offended that a man sitting close by didn’t offer his seat to her. When she asked him why he didn’t offer his seat to a lady, his reply was “No ma’am, an oil painting like you should hang”. Don't make this mistake, Calvin Klein said that looking natural was the best.....but that it took skillful application to look natural.

And last but not least, the first category are the lucky ones who instinctively know how, or were taught how.

I come back to the title of my blog, how much make-up do you really need in your kit?

Well here is a quick guide to what you need for a simple, natural looking 10-minute routine:

Foundation/BB Crème



Eye Liner

Eye Shadow x 2

Eyebrow pencil


Lip Liner x 2

Lipstick x 3


Imagine how much money you can save by buying only what you need!

If you would love to learn how, click here

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