The importance of caring for your appearance in a long-term relationship.

You spot this gorgeous person across the room, and amazingly enough they are looking straight at you. They can’t take their eyes off you it seems. “Thank goodness I went to all that trouble to look awesome for this event” you think to yourself…………….

A few months later, you are now in a seemingly secure relationship with this person, you take trouble with your appearance each time you are to see them, or, you might run into them…………

Time has passed and you are now in a permanent relationship. Initially having the love of your life see you in a completely natural state, make-up free is daunting, but obviously love must be blind (or so you think) …………

Now you have a family, little children keeping you busy, baby keeping you in a state of sleep deprivation, and you are way too tired to care about how you look to your partner at this stage, luckily they love you for who you are, and not what you look like in your natural state, in sloppy t shirts and gym/tracksuit pants……..

Your children have grown up and are at school. You and your beloved have been together now for some time, things have certainly changed since you first laid eyes on them. Your attitude regarding your appearance has not changed back to your before-children days, and you still look like a time poor, sleep deprived mum, even though you do have most of your time back, you just couldn’t be bothered, you are complacent!

Complacent in the dictionary means: pleased, especially with oneself or one's merits, advantages, situation, etc., often without awareness of some potential danger or defect; self-satisfied. It is not a good thing to be!

This excerpt from an article in says it all, and I can’t agree more. Remind yourself of why your spouse/partner looked at you to start with when you read this.

I stared unbelievingly at my cousin when I went to visit her on a weekend.

She was shabbily dressed in an old dress. Her hair was well oiled. The oiliness oozed down to her face. I could hardly believe my eyes. She was always well dressed whenever there was a family function………….

“I am at home. I am dead tired. I am unwinding myself. I do not feel like looking good when I am at home. Who is there to look at me?”

"Your husband is at home. You should look good before him, mustn’t you?" I teased her.

Obviously, the situation is applicable to your partner too, and if they are the one not taking care of their appearance, maybe you should show them this article.

Ultimately it is a case of respect, respect for your spouse AND yourself.

Valentine’s day is around the corner, why not take that first step to looking great every day with minimal effort?

If you have forgotten how, or need some advice, click here.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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