Dress Age Appropriately?

Age is just a number, is what I say. Well yes it is. If, however you keep telling yourself you’re old, of course you’ll believe yourself.

If you believe yourself, you’ll dress like an old person, and that is the worst thing you can do!

I’m not saying go around buying clothes for teens, twenty somethings, or even thirty somethings. Heaven forbid we should look like mutton dressed as lamb, that is just sad.

What I am saying is, don’t go and dress like a nanna, even if you are a nanna, you can still be stylish, trendy, and yes (shock, horror, dismay) even sexy. You will feel great if you try this, and what’s more, your significant other half will love you for it.

So here are a few do’s and don’ts for 40-somethings, middle aged people, and nannas all over the world.

  • If you love your skirt/dress hem above the knee, go for it BUT don’t go ridiculously high, just keep it to a classier mini level than all out wow-my-legs-go-on-forever-but-are-a-bit-too-wrinkly-to-carry-off level. Remember, less is more in this department.

  • Please leave short shorts for the beach or the privacy of your home.

  • If you love shorter hems, but know your legs aren’t firm enough, why not try for a subtle slit instead? Very sexy yet classy too. All it gives is a subtle flash of leg when you walk, and leaves a lot to the imagination. Suggestion is way more provocative than baring all.

  • If you would still like to wear a skirt above the knee, don’t go too short, but enhance your pins with lovely fine almost invisible pantyhose. The Levante range is brilliant, choose a colour as close to your skin tone as possible (if you have had your Personal Colour Analysis done, check your notes for the best colours for pantyhose). They even have toe-less hose for peep-toe shoes. Please remember, for skirts above the knee, the higher the hem, the lower the heel!

  • Cleavage – again, here less is more. A subtle hint is way more effective, plus our skin tone is probably not what it should be anymore. Go for a good bra-fitting to enhance the way your bust is displayed, whether you want to maximise or minimise it, a good bra is the foundation of your clothing and the way it fits you. I can’t stress enough how important it is.

  • Please buy a convertible bra while you’re at it, no one needs to see your bra straps, not a good look!

  • Mostly by the menopausal stage of our lives, our waists have thickened, sadly so. This changes the way you would wear a belt, or a dress with a waist. Do you tuck in (when in fashion only) or don’t you? Mostly long leaner lines, less emphasis at the waist is my go to and shaped dresses instead of an obvious line at the waist. Trousers that sit slightly below the waist, not the lovely high-waisted pants and skirts that have been trendy the past seasons (sigh) are also great. Take care with belts, possibly avoid them if your waist is thicker, or wear low down on the waist IF it is in vogue

  • Culottes – perfect for any age, but you must add the right top

  • Cold shoulder tops – absolutely, however try them on and see what it does to your shoulder width. Your own shape and proportion will be the only thing stopping you from wearing this trend

  • DON’T wear Mary-Jane style shoes if you can avoid them, they are not flattering to any foot. Go on, be a devil, wear heels! Great shoes can make an outfit. High heels lengthen your legs especially when you can no longer wear your skirts yay high. Make sure the shoe vamp flatters your foot!

Hopefully this has inspired you to put away your nanna wardrobe, and expose a new you. For more information on YOUR personal style, click


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