Those dreaded 5 words again!

I have nothing to wear!

................Yes, I know I keep harping on about these 5 words, but really, they are more common than you realise, and I think husbands and partners can vouch for that. So, what do we do about this problem?

I have previously posted on how to do a closet clean, which is a vital step on your road to a fabulous wardrobe (see post here) , so now I’ll get to the next stage - building your wardrobe according to your colours.

Neutrals should be the very foundation of your wardrobe, and by far the largest number of items in your wardrobe. At this point I must remind you that your neutrals will depend on your Primary season (Winter, Summer, Spring, or Autumn), and your flow season. Not everyone can wear black or pure white, even though most people have an abundance of black in their wardrobe.

The next step is using your Basics to expand your wardrobe. It can be rather boring having only black, white, grey etc in your wardrobe, so this is where we incorporate some colour to liven it up a little. Do you realise that you can wear black pants every day, and people won’t notice the pants? People are more likely to notice your top, so use your tops and jackets to change your look.

The next step is adding Coloureds and Brights to your wardrobe. Here we see your hot turquoise, magenta, fuchsia, lemon yellows, aqua and many more. These add that extra pizazz. This is an great way to ensure you have the latest fashion colours in your wardrobe to keep it updated and current. Accessories are a fun and affordable way to incorporate these into your wardrobe.

Next, add Surface Interest (texture) to your wardrobe. These are easy to mix and match, but still add variety.

Finally, we get to Prints. I find it very difficult to find prints that have all the right colours in them according to my palette, and prints also date easily, so keep them to a bare minimum. When you select a print, ensure that most of the colours come from your palette, and that they work with your lipstick colour.

Finally, now that you know more about how to build your wardrobe using neutrals, basics, colours, surface interest and print, remember, 10 individual garments, if

chosen correctly, can give you 66 different outfits! Add some great accessories and you end up with a wonderful, wearable, workable and uncluttered wardrobe. You’ll never say, “I have nothing to wear” again!

To find out what your neutrals, basics, and brights are, book a Personal colour Analysis today before you start building your new wardrobe.

To learn more about building your perfect wardrobe capsule, click here.

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