Spring/Summer 2017

Winter is nearly over!

Well, I’m not sure about winter being nearly over, especially since it had such a late start, but it is only a few days till the official start of spring, so start getting ready.

September is the best time to start shopping for your spring/summer wardrobe, so start looking around for some great ideas to update your wardrobe.

Before you start buying, however, remember to do your closet clean. Take a good look at what you have in your spring/summer wardrobe and ask the questions:

  • Do you fit me?

  • Are you still current?

  • Did I use you at all last summer?

  • Do you go with at least 4 other items in my wardrobe?

  • Do you suit/complement my body shape and colouring?

  • Do you make me feel good?

  • Do you look old/worn/faded?

  • Do you need repair?

If you answered yes to the first 6 questions, keep the item in question, if not, get rid of it.

Now you are ready to start updating your wardrobe, and there are some lovely colours trending this summer. Pantone’s top colour trend this season is Greenery (if you have done your colours with me, I would class this as the Spring Medium Yellow Green), it is a beautiful, bright and happy colour.

Other Pantone colours trending this season are:

  • Niagara (similar to Spring – Clear Light True Blue)

  • Primrose Yellow (similar to Spring – Light Clear Gold)

  • Lapis Blue (similar to Winter - Chinese Blue)

  • Flame (similar to Autumn – Salmon)

  • Island Paradise (similar to Summer – Pale Aqua)

  • Pale Dogwood (A light faded version of Lavender)

  • Pink Yarrow (similar to Winter – Shocking Pink)

  • Kale (similar to Autumn – Moss)

  • Hazlenut

Many of the 80’s trends are still sticking around as predicted last season. Super-brights, florals (even floral shoes), statement stripes and mix-and -match are everywhere. The transparent look is still around, as is lots of volume in skirts and sleeves. Military style, off the shoulder and asymmetrical shoulder, sequins, lame, and sexy side slits in skirts are all there. Look at some of the trends on this website.

There are plenty of options about for all ages and shapes, but if you aren’t sure what suits you, invest in a Style and Colour Consultation before you buy, you won’t regret it.

Oh, I feel some retail therapy coming up, happy shopping!

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