Feeling Old?

We all do at some stage, and it is best is to accept age and grow old gracefully, BUT, and I do mean that in capitals, you don’t have to look old, so here are a few tips:

I'll start with hair. I have been thinking about this since my monthly trip to my hairdresser on Saturday for a colour. After being told “do you know you are ## % grey?” I decided to share some thoughts. Most people start greying at some stage, some starting to grey at a younger age. My husband was almost totally grey by the age of 40 (of course he blames me for his grey hair, but that is what husbands do). It is how you manage it that is important.

If you decide to go

with the grey, (and that is purely your choice), that is fine, but when you start greying in your early thirties ........... well, my choice is obvious by my monthly hairdresser visits. If you do decide to cover the dreaded greys, especially if your natural colour isn’t blond, beware, that obvious grey regrowth is not flattering, not only will it age you, but is also looks unkempt!

Fortunately, there are new ways to extend the time between root recolours. Being a brunette, this was a real problem for me, but I have discovered a fantastic spray on product which I use to disguise the grey in my fringe and parting. It is called Hair touch up by L’Oreal, and works beautifully.

The colours you wear are more important than you realise. When you are young you might be able to get away with wearing colours that don’t really suit your genetic colouring, however, when your skin loses its elasticity, wrinkles appear, and you develop shadows or bags under your eyes, wearing the wrong colours will certainly emphasise these tell-tale signs of age.

As you age you really need colours that brighten your complexion and eyes, that make you look healthy and vibrant.

To choose your best colours, the first thing you should be looking at is whether you have “warm” or “cool” colouring. Your hair colour is a good place to start (that is, your NATURAL hair colour), then your skin tone and eye colour.

If you have red hair, ginger, or strawberry blond, you are most likely to be “warm”, If you have no golden tones in your hair, you are probably “cool”. If you are cool you should be avoiding any yellow tones in clothing items, on the other hand, if you are warm, it is these golden colours that will suit you best.

Although this is a good place to start, this is an over-simplification of your colour analysis, because you also must consider the depth of your colouring (brunette/blond, light eyes/dark eyes, and pale skin/tanned skin), and the clarity (bright/muted).

The last thing I would like to touch on is fashion. You must stay current. No, I’m not suggesting you wear items that are intended for teenagers or 20 somethings, because you don’t want to look like mutton dressed as lamb, but there are always fashion items that would suit any age. Consider your body shape and proportions before you buy. Here are a few guidelines

  • Shoestring straps are more appropriate and flattering on under 40’s

  • Avoid frilly dresses and skirts (do you remember the tiered gypsy style skirts so popular in the 70’s? Well leave them to much younger ladies)

  • Wear clothes that suit your body shape – if you’re not sure what suits you, invest in a styling session with a personal stylist

  • Know what’s in fashion and stay current

  • Invest in good quality fabric garments

  • Elasticised waists might be comfy, but they add bulk. If you must wear them, hide them

  • Leggings are warm in winter and comfortable in summer, BUT, don’t wear them with short tops. Stick to tunics, long sweaters, and short dresses. In short, avoid anything shorter than mid-thigh, and clingy tops.

I hope you've found a few helpful bits in my blog, for more information, just stay tuned or contact me. I'll be happy to help.

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