The 'how and what' of a fabulous wardrobe

How many times have you tried to open your overstuffed drawers or started vacantly into a crammed wardrobe and declared “I’ve got nothing to wear”! It feels as if all your clothes are out of style, don’t fit, are the wrong colour or just don’t look good. I don’t even have to be a mind reader to know that some of your clothes still have the tags on.

The How & What of a Fabulous Wardrobe Workshop will teach you how to:


  • use your wardrobe to super boost your confidence

  • use your wardrobe to save time and money

  • chart a strategy to regain confidence and buy right

  • plan an integrated and interactive wardrobe How to get rid of the clutter and with it the frustration of a wardrobe full of clothes – but nothing to wear

  • budget and make the most of your budget – save thou$and$ in a lifetime

  • shop effectively and efficiently

  • dress taller and thinner How to create elegant, sexy, corporate and sporty out of one tiny wardrobe

And some great tips and tricks with scarves.

You will never say "I have nothing to wear" again.


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Tuesday 2 May at 5:30 pm

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